Taw Win Centre

Food , Supermarket & Pharmacy

The most commonly used tables in Myanmar are round and low and the diners have to sit on the floor or perhaps mat during meals. Even when the table is of the international shape and height mostly used among urban families and in restaurants, it should be small enough for the diners to reach all the dishes on the table. All dishes including rice are served simultaneously rather than course by course. There are no appetizers or hors d'oeuvre, and no wine or spirits served at the meal. All you can expect is drinking water, a juice or a cup of green tea.

When everything is served, people can start eating, taking small portions of dishes they like. Normally, Myanmar people eat with their fingers, but dishes are provided with serving spoons to be handles with the clean left hand. Soup is usually served in a single bowl for all the diners and is shared.

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Here, you can visit all kind of fashion shops and take on the most memorable style moments of 2012. 

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Sport , Book & Furniture

Sports shops have various branded sports items and fitness equipment. Come and Visit the shops. 

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Cosmetics & Beauty salon

For all of your beauty needs. In addition to beauty products and accessories, we also offer highly sought after aesthetic.

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Myanmar Jewelry is gems, rubies, diamond, jade, pearl set in precious metals such as gold and silver are used. Gold and silver are mined in Burma, but platinum, titanium are not. 

However, jewelry can and has been made out of almost every kind of precious material. 
Since there are only three bigger jewelry manufacturer in the country handcrafted jewelry is the normality. .

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Art & Music

We offer instruction for the instrument, all kinds of Music collections, and Art Works. Check it Out.

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Electronics & IT

All your electronics needs TVs, Computers, Digital Cameras and More. ... specifications and images generally match our retail store.

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